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Pull ring cover capping machine
Product introduction

Pull ring cap capping machine Automatic capping sealing machine is mainly used for automatic capping and capping of glass bottle crown caps, chrysanthemum caps, beer caps, pull ring caps and easy to pull caps (such as beer, soda, sparkling wine, fruit juice drinks, health drinks, as well as sauce, vinegar, brewing industries, etc.). This equipment is simple in operation, convenient in maintenance, high in automation intensity, labor reduction, cost reduction, and production standard. It is an ideal choice for the food industry. It can be automatically completed from bottle cap sorting, bottle mouth cap dropping, and capping, with high degree of automation and stable and rapid work.

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  • After-sales service

    1. Technical data Our company provides the equipment layout plan according to the workshop plan provided by the buyer. The technical data accompanying the shipment include: packing list (shipping list), equipment instructions; Operation and maintenance manual; Electrical schematic diagram, and wearing parts within the warranty period (12 months).

    2. After the door-to-door installation and commissioning equipment arrives at the buyer's factory, we will arrange technicians for door-to-door installation, commissioning and trial production, and reach the design capacity within the planned time. During the installation and commissioning, our company is responsible for providing corresponding spare parts.

    3. The technical personnel shall be trained to help the relevant personnel of the production line of the Demander to be familiar with the process and principle of the production line, and the equipment operation and maintenance specifications, until the post personnel can master them independently and skillfully.

    4. Quality assurance The quality indicators of mechanical equipment shall be in accordance with the national or relevant industrial standards. The company guarantees that the goods provided are brand new, unused, manufactured with the latest design and appropriate materials, and conform to the quality, specification and performance specified in the contract in all aspects. The company guarantees that the production line will reach the technical performance index of the product within the time agreed by both parties after its correct guidance of installation and commissioning.

    5. After the acceptance of equipment maintenance and technical upgrading, 12 month warranty will be provided for the equipment, 12 month warranty will be provided for the control system, and free parts and timely and effective services will be provided. In case of equipment failure, the maintenance personnel shall arrive at the site within 36 hours after receiving the user's information and eliminate the failure in time. After the warranty period, extensive and preferential technical support can be provided for life.

    6. The packaging and transportation packing box shall be a new and solid special packing box conforming to the Chinese immune standard, which is suitable for long-distance transportation, moisture-proof, rust proof, shockproof, and rough handling, as well as sea and land transportation and overall hoisting.

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