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Aluminum foil sealing machine
Product introduction

The aluminum foil capping machine is a special capping equipment for milk drinks, which integrates the roll mold installation system and capping. Based on the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, an advanced cap making equipment is innovatively developed according to the process requirements. It is mainly used as auxiliary equipment after milk filling. With reasonable structure, safe operation, reliable work and convenient maintenance, it is an ideal filling equipment for large and medium-sized beverage plants.

The membrane enters the supporting membrane roller frame through the membrane installation system, and is fixed by the film clamping roller barrel on the supporting membrane roller frame and sent to the film clamping roller of the capping machine. The film entering the film clamping roller is kept by the film clamping roller, and the film is sent to the mold part by the film clamping roller under the action of the push rod cam device. The die punch is pushed to the sub punch under the action of the drive pulley type cam, and the forming of the cover is completed at the same time. Then, the film is returned under the action of the drive pulley type cam. At the same time, the push rod cam device acts to push the gear so that the film clamping roller rotates to send the film down and the cover falls off and enters the lower cover channel. Complete the whole capping process.

Its main features are:

L Compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, high degree of automation and low labor intensity.

L It adopts convenient membrane installation technology, which is easy to install.

L Photoelectric control is adopted to start the capping machine, so that a certain number of capping passages are always kept to ensure the capping after filling.

L High speed cap making, high precision mold, fast cap making.

L Equipped with complete CIP loop and control program (optional).

L The components of the gas circuit system are all well-known products.

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